Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life Lately (2.8.17)

Anyone else feel as though the year is moving at an alarmingly fast rate?  There are just three more rotations left to my third year of medical school, almost a year until my wedding (engagement story to come), and a few more tests (more on this later) before I begin applying to residency programs.  To say that I'm under a lot of pressure would be an understatement; however, on the other side of the pressure is diamonds and with that pressure a story, a testimony like no other.  I am prayerfully and thankfully looking forward to all that comes, changes and surprises.  As I continue on my own journey towards balanced living, I look forward to sharing more of my story and tips for bringing style + grace to everyday life in the days to come.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

If The Dress Fits: eShakti Review

While I knew I was ending 2016 with a very special trip, long days at the hospital and studying at night didn't leave much time to shop for a new look. While I have a bit more "free" time than I did first and second years of medical school, I rarely spend it out shopping at the mall.  When I do it's usually to return online purchases that just didn't fit quite right.  A couple of years ago I found out about a special company that allows you to customize just about every part of what you buy.  From color to cut, neckline, hemline, sleeve length, to the addition or removal of pockets, you can tailor the clothing to fit you before you buy it.  They saved me a lot of time and allowed me to order exactly what I wanted.  Even better when it arrived in person, it not only fit perfectly, but it traveled well in my carry-on luggage.

Wrap Dress (c/o eShakti)
Shoulder Bag (thrifted vintage Coach)
Watch (Daniel Wellington)

eShakti has a huge collection of customizable pieces for everything from work to leisure to special events.  I know we've all been there when we just couldn't find something to wear that fit.  Yes, clothes can be tailored; however, why not shop somewhere that eliminates the extra time, work and expense.  With eShakti you can choose from standard sizes or enter all of your personal measurements to have a piece made just for you.  

eShakti offers a large selection for every occasion.  Here are a few more of my favorites: 

onetwo / three / four

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Decor: Pine Cones

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by my local craft store to pick up some blank note cards.  While I've accumulated more Target "Dollar Spot" printed thank you cards than I'd like to admit, they felt inappropriate and too girly for my male preceptors on Internal Medicine.  To make a long story short, a trip for plain thank you cards turned into leaving with two bags of scented pine cones, and I'm convinced that other than a Christmas tree, they're the only other holiday decor you need.  I picked up two bags for a total of $5 (they were 50% off) and immediately dumped them into a basket I already had from Ikea.  When I wake and come home, my place is filled with the best smelling, seasonal aroma.  It's been almost three weeks now, and the scent is still going strong, better than any spray or candle I've ever smelled.  If you're not big on decorating or are working with a limited budget, pine cones are an inexpensive seasonal accent that is also multipurpose.  You can simply drop them in a basket like I did.  Closer to Christmas or New Years dinner, you can transition them to your table settings or center piece.  They're also neutral, so they go with everything.  Depending on how much time and energy you have, there are many other uses for them.  With all the "newness," sparkle and shine of the holiday season, it's nice to bring in some natural elements, sweet reminders of the beauty in the old, change, growth, and new seasons.

What are some of your favorite holiday decor tips and accents?