Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Boards & the Blogger

As you may know I'm well into my season of board preparation.  As a result I'm not blogging quite as frequently, though I plan to be back more regularly in less than two months.  Until then, here's a couple of interviews where you can learn more about my journey and get to know me a little better.

The first is from the Med Sisters Series from my friend Anum, fellow medical student and blogger.  The Med Sisters Series is a collection of interviews from women in medicine in different stages of their career, from premed to board certified physicians.  Be sure to subscribe to her blog so you don't miss them and give her a follow on Instagram.  You'll love her honesty and regular posts on the highs and lows of her medical journey.  The second interview is with the blog for admission service,

For all of you premeds or newly accepted students, check out my post 

And stay tuned for a special guest post next week on study tools, 
including a bunch I wish I used first year! 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Life Lately: Challenge & Opportunity

It seems as if it's been ages since my last post. Since then I've finished up my last major course (neuroscience), a standardized patient exam, a short but sweet spring break, a case presentation, and begun my more intensive review for the first step of my national board exams.  While I still have a few short clinical courses to complete, preparing for this examination is definitely the next big thing.  Of course with it comes many emotions.  There's honestly been times over the past few months when getting up in the morning has been a struggle.  Even with tons of things to share, I couldn't even find the motivation for blogging.  As hard as it is to admit, I know it was in part due to anxiety over what's to come.  However, one thing I'm always reminded of is how I started.  And I started by faith.

The same faith that brought me through the MCAT, unemployment, a "failed" post-bacc, the MCAT again, employment, anatomy, the rest of first year and well into the second will see me through boards and beyond.  The point of this post is less to recap my last few weeks or take a trip down memory lane, but to share for anyone who needs it that your life changes when your outlook does.  Don't look at your next big challenge as an obstacle.  See it as the opportunity.  An opportunity to exceed expectations.  An opportunity to push yourself beyond your limits.  An opportunity for greater faith.  When you don't know how you'll make it remember why you started and how you started.  The process for whatever goals you have ahead won't be without it's challenges, without moments of fear or doubt; however, with the right attitude, diligence, consistency, self-care, and support you'll make it through just fine.  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

the 52 Lists Project

Journaling.  It's such a great way to clear your mind, reflect on experiences and lessons, and look back at different points in your life.  I'm the first to admit I've started and stopped many journals throughout the years.  Part because I have a great love for stationary and I love a fresh start, and part because with different seasons of life I think I needed it at some times more than others.  If you've ever felt like you've wanted to write or journal daily but didn't know quite where to start, this book is for you.  If you've ever found yourself disappointed for not keeping up with a journal, vowing to do so daily at the start of the year, only to drop off weeks later.  This book is for you.

I received the 52 Lists Project journal for Christmas, and I love how it encourages thought and writing with a prompt that you can start in any season or week of the year.  When it comes to seeing change in any area of our lives, I think for many people one of the hardest things is figuring out where and how to start, and how to pick things back up once you've stopped.  So often we put the wrong kinds of pressure on ourselves, getting intimidated by or discouraged when we don't keep up with our goals perfectly.  That's the what I like most about this little book: it takes off some of the pressure.  It helps you get started right where you are, anywhere, at anytime simply by writing a list.

"List the things that make you feel powerful."
"List the wildest things you want to try."  

"List the qualities you admire in others."  

"List the things you want to add to your life."    

These lists are followed by "Take Action" statements: challenges that nudge you to take that little list a bit further and explore how you can channel those thoughts, feelings, and ideas into tangible experiences and changes in your life.

A month into the year, you may be still riding high from the excitement of the fresh start.  Or maybe you've already grown discouraged or even complacent in certain areas in your life.  The change you want to see will always come from you, but if you need a little encouragement, a little inspiration you just may find it starting with one of these lists.

Sometimes I think we can get so consumed with what we want to add to our lives whether it be things, people, or experiences; however, getting rid of things you don't need, ending certain relationships, or breaking unproductive habits can be just as effective.  I haven't gotten too far so it may or may not already be in the book, but when you have the time "List the things you want to remove from your life."