Wednesday, October 16, 2013

il forno: hell's kitchen, the devil's soup

Italian food is one of my favorite types, so I thought I was in for a treat when we stumbled upon il forno in the Hell's Kitchen and Theater District sections of New York.  The open windows and door make it a good place to dine on a nice, sunny day, and the d├ęcor is beautiful.  While I was less than pleased with my first selection, the service made up for it; the fact that the place was filled by the time I left is promising.

Lunch Menu: A collection of antipasto, pork dishes, small pizzas, cold cuts and other sliced meats.

This time:

Pick 1: Wedding Soup - I've had this many times before at other restaurants, where it was delicious, and I'm not a "difficult" diner; however, I was really disappointed with what I was given.  It was a salty broth, with exactly three slices of carrot, four slices of bland sausage, kale, and one spoonful of fregola pasta in a shallow dish--for $12.  If it were a $3 cup of soup, maybe I could understand what I got, but this just didn't work.  I would like to give the waiter a big shout out for being really kind and accommodating when I asked to order something else.  He also made sure my second pick came out quickly.  So, thank you!

Pick 2: Penne (Grilled chicken thigh, Caramelized fennel, Black garlic cream sauce, Pecorino) - I figured since this had chicken and pecorino that I couldn't go wrong.  Overall, this dish was a better pick.  I must say that I was impressed with the chicken; it looked and tasted like sliced chicken breast.  The pasta was cooked well.  The sauce was a little unusual--I don't know how fennel typically tastes or how it affects other flavors--but the dish was served hot. 

His Pick: Black Label Pizzette (Prosciutto Black Label, Basil, Mozzerella, Caramelized Cippolini Onions) $12 - My bf really liked this and finished it all.  I tried a piece.  I thought it tasted like grilled cheese, but it was still good.

Next time(s):
Smoked Chicken Pizzette (Smoked Chicken, Caramelized onions, Parmesan, Roasted peppers, Parsley pesto, Spinach) -- why didn't I just order this the first time??
Whatever they have on the dinner menu.     

Ever been to this place?  Want to try this place?  Let me know what you think. :-)

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