Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Tis the Season: Fall

Here's my "to-do" list / favorite things about this time of year:

1) Eat as much pumpkin flavored foods as possible.
2) Make candy apples. 
3) Decorate pumpkins like a boss (here, here, here).
4) Pecan leather anything.
5) Apple cider donuts at Linvilla Orchards
6) Thanksgiving, but giving thanks all year round.
7) Pumpkin scented everything.
8) The beautiful colors of fall leaves.
9) Fall wardrobes full of gem tones, neutrals, golds, chunky sweaters, denim, leather, and riding boots.
10) Three months full of birthdays of some of the people I love the most (including my own!) and four years with my bf + best friend.
11) Recipes!
Tuile Leaves cookies
12) and Cosby sweaters.

What are your favorite things about this season?  Any suggestions, recipes?



  1. I am getting soo excited for the Holidays!!! Thanks for the post you have some great ideas!

  2. thanks! let me know if you try any of the recipes, so we can compare. I'm going to give them a try myself.


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