Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2 Weeks Work + 2 More Freebies!

Lovely "hugs and kisses" bouquet from J.
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend, spending it with someone you love or doing something you love!  Mine was filled with ice skating, window shopping at the car show, and a birthday dinner with the family.  With all that fun behind me, this will probably be the last time I do anything blog related (included reading!) for the next week or two, just to limit distractions as I meditate for an important interview.  Now that doesn't mean I won't be making a few thrift shop stops on my day off, but I need to focus!  Before I go I want to share some more freebies:

1) Yesterday I found out about the lovely Sugar Paper stationary shop from one of Ali's posts.  Searching around on the shop's site, I found these adorable free desktop wallpaper designs.  Right now I'm using the February design, but I'm also digging the ones with the gold and polka dots.  They have a Kate Spade like quality.

2) Earlier today my lovely office mate told me about this sweet promotion over at Shutterfly where you can enjoy 101 free prints using the promo code SNOWDAY.  It expires tomorrow, so there's not much time left, but I'm told they always have great promotions, so I definitely plan on exploring the site some more; I hope you stop by to get yours before time runs out!



I hope everyone enjoys the rest of February.  I'll be back writing in March, God willing with great news!  and if anyone was wondering the cupcakes are from Kay Kay's Cakes!

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