Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Addition

February has been a very light shopping month for me.  One thing I managed to check off my wardrobe wish list is a brown tote.  I've had my eye on the Madewell transport tote for a while, but after checking it out in store I was a little disappointed.  The leather wasn't as supple as I hoped it to be, and the color didn't look the same as it did online.  That being said, I hunted around online for an alternative.  I ended up finding a great tote at a much more affordable price at Old Navy.  I haven't shopped at Old Navy in a while, but the quality of the last three things I purchased has been really great.  I also ordered some shoes that never made it due to a shipping mishap, so I'll share those next month if I ever get any of them; I'm still waiting for customer service to resolve this issue.  I also ended up returning the skinny black belt and grey dress I purchased last month.  The belt was too small; apparently Factory J. Crew belts aren't sized the same as J.Crew belts?  And the Zara grey dress was way too tight and short to be appropriate for work or anywhere else for that matter.  On the bright side, I've been blessed with some really great gifts this month that I'll be sharing in some outfit posts coming up soon.  So here we go:
Tassel Tote - $37.06 (here)

Factory J.Crew Superskinny Patent Belt - $18.50 (here)
Zara Ribbed Grey Dress $19.99

Total: -$1.43

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