Thursday, March 27, 2014

Painting with a Twist

Tonight will be one of the first Thursdays in a while that haven't been occupied by an art class.  Last August I jumped back into this hobby with some formal classes, something I haven't done since high school.  After having an amazing time in an oil painting workshop (my first time with this medium!), I've been taking some fundamental drawing classes to freshen up and improve my technique.  However, after missing early registration a month ago, I'm left on my own.  I treated myself to some tulips last week, and their photographs are just begging to be brought to canvas.  While I work on that, I want to share some pics from "Painting with a Twist."

Two weeks ago I attended this one time painting class, during which participants receive step by step instruction to create a masterpiece.  You sign up for the painting you want to make beforehand when you purchase your ticket, and all you have to bring is yourself.  Although we didn't, you can also bring drinks if you choose.  You approach the painting in steps, so no experience is necessary, and before you know it you have a finished product in a couple of hours.  The franchise has locations all over the country so I recommend checking it out; it's likely there's a location near you.  I may also check out Paint Nite, a similar social event held at local bistros ands pubs.  I've been so preoccupied with future plans and work that I haven't touched my paints in a while.  This night definitely gave me some motivation, and it was great catching up with a good friend!

I honestly could have stopped with the background or at least the tree and branches.  I really like the technique the instructor recommended for creating the marbly look of the background.

Finished products!  Our take on "Zen Garden."


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