Monday, March 24, 2014

Pearl River Mart and the First Lady of Fabulous

Rounding out my latest trip to New York, I'm sharing some pics from another great find in the city.  After spending the morning in Brooklyn, J and I headed over to Manhattan where we found Pearl River Mart in Soho.  It's been over three years since I've been to Soho, and it was nice to revisit this shop.  Upon entering the Mart you'll find an assortment of authentic and Asian inspired clothing, accessories, novelty items, artwork, teas, decor and more.  It's definitely a great place for gifts and interesting items for living spaces.  One of my favorite pieces is this one of a kind Michelle Obama, "First Lady of Fabulous" tote bag.  I kinda regret not buying one. 

The shop also boasts a number of beautiful displays such as this indoor waterfall and an impressive collection of authentic dragon heads.  To me this one looks like Animal from the Muppets.

Pearl River Mart also has an assortment of printed papers and fabrics.  These lovely sheets were another missed opportunity for shopping.  If I could have made up my mind on which to pick, they would have been great for gift wrap, framing, or lining drawers and bookcases.

In addition to Asian art and other items, the market also boasts an assortment of novelty items like these fun denture ice trays.  They also have a nice collection of adorably packaged sweet treats.

Handmade artisanal baskets. 

I definitely recommend checking out this place if you're in the area.  Either way, it's super easy to get to.  The best way I can describe this place is "the best of Chinatown in one place!"  I know I'll be back!

Ever been here?  Find anything good?

Photo credit: JRY3 Photography

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