Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

I first visited the Philadelphia's Magic Gardens (PMG) last summer, and now that the weather is warming up I recommend checking it out if you've never been.  The garden is the sculptural and mosaic masterpiece of seasoned artist Isaiah Zagar.  The walls, floors, and ceilings of PMG (indoor and outdoor) are filled with the time consuming, intricate patterns and stories created by Zagar, making this space an interesting place to spend a morning or afternoon.  Looking back at some of the pictures I took, I've noticed that there are also many subtle messages, images, and references hidden throughout the bold pieces.  Filled with bits of mirror, glass, stones and metals, it's a place where the mundane has been reimagined.  PMG is also a photographer's dream; even in the darkest shadows the mixed media create a sense of movement, interest and light.  I love the concept of bringing life back into old things, finding use and beauty in that which has been discarded and forgotten.  Consideration of the time and effort it took to create this space makes me like it even more.  Many of Zagar's other pieces can be seen on the walls of businesses and buildings along South Street.  In addition to the visual experience, PMG offers tours as well as educational and service initiatives; the space is also available for private events.

Interested in visiting?  You can find more information here!



  1. This place is gorgeous!! I'm going to a friend's wedding in Philly this summer and I'll have to make sure I set aside some time to visit!

  2. Great! and let me know if you'd like any suggestions for other places/restaurants to visit!


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