Friday, May 30, 2014

Citi Field + Pat Lafrieda's Chop House

One of the nice things about last Friday's baseball game at Citi Field is that there are a number of clubs and restaurants throughout the stadium at which to eat.  After an afternoon full of traveling, sitting down in a nice restaurant was just what I needed.

J made reservations at Pat Lafrieda's Chop House in the Delta Sky360 Club, a restaurant located just behind home plate.  The waitress started by giving us a large basket of freshly made chips (they were still hot!), but I was ready for the main meal.  The menu has a lot of beef, but I opted for the Brick Chicken.  J really enjoyed his Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich, but in my opinion the Garlic Herb Fries sprinkled with Parmesan stole the show.
Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich
Pat LaFrieda’s Reserve, 100% Black Angus, Hand Cut Beef, Vermont Monterey Jack Cheese, Sautéed Sweet Vidalia Onions and Beef Au Jus on a Locally Baked and 
Toasted French Baguette, Housemade Cole Slaw

Brick Chicken
Young Chicken “Under a Brick”, Crispy Smashed Fingerlings, Roasted Spring Vegetables, Natural Jus

The stadium was pretty empty when we arrived for dinner, but by the time we finished a crowd started forming with folks gathering to get a free t-shirt, a perk of the Friday night game.  Although the stadium is pretty new, photos and words honoring baseball great Jackie Robinson bring a sense of history to the space.  If you look closely there is a quote stretching across the entrance way that says:

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."~Jackie Robinson

There were a lot of U.S. servicemen around the stadium from Fleet Week.  EMS men and women were also honored before the game.

Now, one doesn't go to a baseball game just for a good meal and free t-shirt, but that's basically what happened.  After a two hour delay, the game was postponed at the bottom of the fourth inning.  At least a dozen men rolled a tarp over the diamond, and the field was closed due to the rainy weather.  On the bright side, I got to spend a great evening out with my sweetie, something which doesn't happen too often, and J was able to exchange our tickets for another game.

This weekend won't be quite as eventful as the last, but it's important to recharge and enjoy the quiet moments when you can.  I'll definitely be looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend.  Maybe I'll even work on a few projects ;-)

1 // Back to work after a great weekend.
2 // Gratitude for all the love on my eShakti post! (coupon code included) 
3 // The passing of a truly inspirational woman, Ms. Maya Angelou.  Great collection of her quotes here.
4 // Replaced 3 worn pieces in my closet with the lovely 4-in-1 maxi dress (50% off dress sale yesterday!).
5 // Last day for the art print giveaway!

Do not despise the day of small beginnings... (Zech. 4:10)

Have a great weekend!  

Stadium photos courtesy of J!



  1. oh em gee Ele! Thank you so much for the shout out about my quotes! You made my day with this. I'll be smiling for the rest of the day! Your dinner last friday looked amazing.And so is that stadium! Wow! Have a great weekend girl and thanks again!

  2. LOVE that 4-in-1 maxi! Genius! Found your blog through the link-up and you have yourself a new follower! :) That food seriously looks soooo delicious!

  3. I love pieces that are multifunctional like that! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Those fries. They looked so delicious!! Glad you're having such a great time. Have a great weekend! - Katie @ A Cup of Tea blog

  5. It´s too bad that the game was cut short but hey, at least you get to spend more time together with your sweetie! The food pics by the way look so yummy. :)

  6. Oh my gosh those garlic herb fries look delicious!!!

    And my husband would LOVE this post! He wants to visit all MLB stadiums in the country!

  7. oh my gosh. this all looks amazing!!! those fries especially.


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