Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flourish: May 2014

If the boxing monkey doesn't say it all, this month I mean business!  Here's what I'm working on:
  • Green thumb.  It's time to make use of all my gardening pins and plant the seeds I've accumulated.  Looking forward to fresh parsley, basil, and mint for these recipes
  • Wealth choice.  The reading list continues to grow.  I've probably added nearly ten books in addition to my spring reading list.  While I didn't manage to read a book a week last month, I did finish reading a biggie on my list, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires.  You don't have to be African American to appreciate the insights in this book.  From years of study author Dennis Kimbro presents a thorough analysis of the financial habits of this group.  His analysis of their financial habits and attitudes will also challenge and motivate you to reexamine your own.  I've been diligent about setting aside a portion of my income for saving and investing; however, I haven't done much with the investment portion.  This book has definitely motivated me to learn the basics so that I can develop a plan. 
  • Walk.  Apply these tips for establishing a running routine, starting with walking. 
  • Weekly wardrobe.  Maybe I would have been a bit more successful at planning a week's worth of outfits if I had this guide?  Let's try this one again.
  • Organization. 
    • organize my email accounts with these tips for electronic spring cleaning
    • create personal filing system (transcripts, statements, medical records, etc.)
    • revisit and organize the loose paper, notebooks, phone memos, and emails filled with ideas
     How will you flourish this month?

    Any good resources/recommendations for investing for beginners?

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