Monday, October 20, 2014

{Fine Finds} Scalloped Shell Bowl

A few months ago I went to Pier1 Imports looking for a spoon rest.  I ended up leaving with that as well as two of these porcelain dishes, and they've quickly become two of my favorite household items.  I'm sure these little bowls were made for seasonings and sauces, but I've found just about every use for them under the sun.  For less than $2 each these sweet little dishes were worth every penny considering how often I use them (daily).

As we already know I have a thing for ring dishes, and these little bowls can definitely be used that way, but I've found them especially useful in the kitchen.  It's the perfect way to save a sliced lemon or lime.  I just turn it cut side down, and it keeps it fresh without any other wrapping.  It's great for sauces, seasonings, and portioning snack dips like peanut butter or Nutella.  I also use it for holding tea bags.  Since I usually try to get several cups from one bag, this little dish is the perfect size for holding it.

Not only are they functional, but the scalloped rim is such a pretty detail.  I can easily see myself buying a few for gifting, especially at the price point.  They would look great stacked and wrapped up in some burlap with ribbon.  Just an idea ;-)

What are some of your fine finds?  Have any kitchen must haves?



  1. Very cute! And for $1.50?! Great find!!!

  2. LOVE little luxuries like this that add so much while not breaking the bank. This is such a pretty, elegant addition to the experience of sipping a cup of tea. (I feel about tea accessories like you feel about ring dishes; I still regret not buying the completely unnecessary, but sooo cute and little luxury-worthy teabag squeezer from Crate and Barrel before it was discontinued.)


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