Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zavino Wine Bar and Pizzeria

A few weekends ago I traveled into the city for a little day break.  I picked up some new candles at Bath and Body Works, got some fresh donuts, scored a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables for $8, and caught a movie.  It was amazing, a much needed break from my daily routine.  Earlier that day, I also tried a new [to me] restaurant.

I've never been a huge fan of sausage pizza, but something told me to give it a try and I'm definitely glad I did.  Compared to the heavy chunks of greasy meat I've had before, the crumbled sausage on "The Joey" was perfect, and the chili flakes gave it a nice kick.  The ingredients were all very fresh, and the service was quick.  Next time I visit I want to try "The Polpettini" (with ricotta stuffed veal sausage) and "The Diavolo" (with sopressata, a salami). 

Margherita (Mozzarella, Crushed Tomato, Basil)
The Joey (Berkshire Pork Sausage, Mozzarella, Crushed Tomato, Spinach, 
Garlic, Chili Flakes, Provolone)

The gentlemen next to us ordered the most delicious looking meat tray and pizza overflowing with greens.  I don't know exactly what's hidden beneath that forest, but it looked amazing.

Zavino is the kind of place I recommend for happy hour or catching up with a few friends, as there is something for everyone.  There's a variety of boards and pizza for sharing as well as small plates to full meals depending on your level of hunger.  I'm not really into happy hour since I don't drink alcohol, and the drink specials are usually better than the food.  I prefer good food over a good drink, but I could easily be happy here with all of the dishes and trays for me to choose from.  And of course, as the name implies there is plenty of "vino" to choose from; Zavino has a full beer and wine menu including cocktails and drink specials.

Interested in visiting Zavino?  Check out more of their menu and location information here.  And as if you needed more convincing, there's a gelato shop across the street.  Do it. 

What's your favorite pizza (or any) restaurant?  I don't know exactly where or when, but I see travel in my future, and I'd love to keep your city picks on file!  

 Have a great week!  

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  1. I miss Philly so much! That pizza looks delicious!!!

    1. it is! I'm constantly finding new places, I hope you get back soon!

  2. Fun! I went to a wine bar this weekend too!

  3. I'm so hungry after reading this! Some of the best pizza I've ever had has been from this little shop called Giani's in Syracuse (not that Syracuse is what I'd consider a travel destination!).

    So glad you got some away from the books to relax with your guy :)

    1. thanks and me too! btw you never know, I could end up there for something one day.


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