Monday, December 22, 2014

Gift Wrap Tips and Tricks

While gift giving isn't the most important part of Christmas, it's still something I enjoy.  As I've said before, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love all of the opportunities it brings to be festive and express creativity.  Gifting is one of my favorite things, but I enjoy gift wrapping just as much.  Here's a few tips and tricks for being decorative with your gift packaging: 

Taking a hint from Erica's gift wrap organization, I keep ribbons, tags, and other wrapping materials in a few sturdy boxes recycled from gift sets.  I typically don't buy much supplies during this season, but throughout the year I'll buy decorative tapes, tags, labels, and bags when they're on major sale.  I also save ribbons and salvageable tags and accents from gift bags, boxes and things I buy for myself or receive throughout the year.  Take advantage of the dollar sections at Target.  A lot of the supplies I used this year was purchased there throughout the year.

One way to switch things up is to use patterned or glitter washi tape.  Instead of putting a bow on the box, use the tape to make stripes or patterns.  I found this glitter tape and adorable owl gift tags at Target a few months ago.  Again I saved these up in my giftwrapping box.

Another idea to try is to use multiple labels to personalize the gift wrap.  You can also use them as stickers and make patterns with them. 

Work with not against the shape of the objects you're wrapping.  This particular gift doesn't lend itself to easy wrapping with regular wrapping paper.  It also wouldn't fit in a box without taking it apart and would leave too much free space in a gift bag without using a lot of tissue paper to fill it up.  So, I decided to just roll it up in some tissue paper and fasten the ends with glitter tape.  Now it looks like a big treat.

Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that come in boxes or nice packaging.  I really lucked out with this gift because the store had some really great free gift boxes.  This one is so nice and sturdy that I couldn't bring myself to wrap it.  Instead I decided to just add a festive bow to the top.  A few weeks ago I did some shopping at Target, and as I was leaving out store associates were giving out complementary gift wrapping kits with tape, bows, and boxes to customers.  The festive bows inside were just what I needed to top off a few of my gifts. 

Too pretty just to be thrown away, I decided to turn them into something reusable by making them into magnets.  While I wouldn't do this with just any bow or gift decoration, for these it works especially if they're going on a gift for someone who would like this kind of thing.  I just added a little piece of adhesive magnet strip to the back, added a little tape at the base for reinforcement, and you're set. 

I had to keep it simple this year, since I've been studying.  Learning metabolic pathways and pharmacology doesn't leave much time for blogging or crafting, but I'm glad to have this little outlet to share.  For those of you who have a little more time on your hands, here's a collection of other ideas for gift wrapping I've collected over the years.

Also, check out my Anthroplogie inspired DIY gift wrapping from last year.  I literally whipped this up the night before a gift swap using things I already had at home.

Be sure to follow me over at Instagram for more style pics, inspiration, and bits of my daily life.  You guys have really been my gift; thanks for reading and following along!  I hope you have a great week, and spend some time with those you love!

P.S. For those of you still looking for gifts ideas, here's 4 Under $10.  One of these can be found at the grocery market. 


  1. I love all of these papers and ribbons and fun bows! I love gift wrapping too- it's fun to put different things together.

    1. I know right! FYI went to Target yesterday and bought some more supplies. The $1/$3 section was 50% off, as well as the regular wrapping supplies/holiday items were 50-70% off so this is a great time to stock up! I picked up some more washi tapes and twine/ribbon for 50 cents! Hope you enjoyed the holidays and have a great new year!

  2. Love these ideas! I wish I would have seen this earlier. My wrapping definitely could have used some help lol


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