Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review // Mini Pebbled Signature Tote (Ann Taylor)

After looking for a classic black handbag for months, I finally found the right one at Ann Taylor.  I stumbled across this Mini Pebbled Signature Tote after seeing Jean with the full sized version.  After hearing some good things about it from Jess, I decided to take the plunge.  Of course this was an easy decision with a 50% holiday promo and $40 credit reward; patience pays off!  It's definitely a departure from the large tote bag style I usually wear, but it's good to have some variety for different occasions.  It's much more spacious than I expected, easily fitting my wallet, planner, cosmetic bag, a mini bottle of water, and a book.  While it doesn't have a top zipper I feel safe enough carrying it with it's magnetic closure and the fact that it can be worn close as a crossbody bag.  I've seen so many handbags with non-removable crossbody straps, but I think that defeats the purpose of having the strap if you can't wear it both ways.  Luckily this bag does feature a removable strap, giving you versatility.  While it is not genuine leather, the texture is very rich.  The quality makes it among the better faux leather bags I've seen.  It also has two sets of functional zippers that allow you to play with a more trendy shape, or you can leave them zipped and enjoy a more classic style.
This bag also fulfills both the classic handbag as well as the crossbody bag picks on my list of accessory staples.  If you're looking for a more affordable option (at full-price) this crossbody bag from Old Navy has some good reviews and comes in a few colors, although you can never go wrong with black. 
Overall I really like this bag and see myself keeping it for a while.  It's simple with just enough detail to keep it from being boring, and I like the functionality of it with the removable strap.  It's been really great for weekends and times when I've had too little for a full sized tote yet too much for a clutch.  Especially if you can get it on sale like I did (the Ann Taylor promotions are frequent), I recommend it. 

What's your go-to handbag style?



  1. YES! Patience really does pay off. I get so excited about a great score at a great price! Why pay more, right? I wear shoulder bags often, but my favorite handbag style is the crossbody.

    1. Yes! I can't seem to stay far from full sized totes, but crossbodys are always good to have for day trips and quick errands out. It's funny since writing this post I've been using the bag to carry my medical equipment for standardized patients haha. Many purposes I guess lol.


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