Thursday, February 19, 2015

Style // Winter Layers

Striped Tee (Gap) // Chambray (American Eagle Outfitters) // Knit Sweater (Forever 21)

A few days ago I threw together this layered look, and I got a few compliments in person and on Instagram.  So I thought I'd whip up an impromptu post sharing how I layer as well as a few pieces to achieve a similar look.  For me layering comes from a place of practicality.  I'm sensitive to changes in temperature; I wear most of the same things year round, so layering just works.  I didn't put much thought into this look, except "You're running late, and it's cold.  Put on everything!," but in general I like to mix fabrics of different thicknesses and materials.  When it's cold, a chunky knit sweater works over anything, but I like how this look came together with an unbuttoned chambray shirt and striped tee.  You can never go wrong with chambray and stripes, which as far as I'm concerned are neutrals.  I've had all of these pieces for years, but this is the first time I've actually worn them all together.  Just goes to show how the right combination can breathe new life into old clothes.


Supersoft Stripe Crew Tee (Gap
Medium Wash Chambray Shirt (Old Navy)
Lou & Grey Sweater Jacket (Loft)

What are some of you favorite pieces for layering?


  1. Layering almost always looks bulky on me, but this looks great!! I guess you're right about using different fabrics, it definitely slims the look down. Love this!

    1. Thanks! I've definitely learned that the more you think things don't go together, the more they actually do. So I just throw together things I like and that are comfortable, and it usually works.


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