Friday, March 13, 2015

REX 1516

The sweet potato home fries were out of this world.  Really. This pretty much sums up my experience at Rex 1516, the South Street Southern-inspired restaurant.  Always looking for new places for us to try, J found this spot and we gave it a try for brunch on Valentine's Day.  Yes, they offer a unique spin on Bananas Foster French toast made with slices of banana bread.  It comes with butter rum bananas and cinnamon-pecan butter.  J and I both ordered this and were barely able to finish our plates.  It was hearty to say the least, heavy to say the most.   It's definitely the kind of dish you have to take your time with, so it doesn't hit you all at once.  While it was tasty and satisfied my growing taste for banana bread, it still doesn't compare (as nothing will) to the Brioche French toast here; however, in my growing rank of Philadelphia French toast, the novelty of it makes it better than average.  I also ordered a side of Benton's Bacon.  I don't know who Benton is; if I thought about it when I ordered I would have asked, but when it was served it looked and tasted like regular 'ole griddle fried bacon.  Now on to the star of the show.  

Again the sweet potato breakfast potatoes were out. of. this. world.  I'm really trying to ration my "best" complements, but I've never had sweet potatoes that taste so good.  While the menu suggests the choice between sweet potato or traditional breakfast potatoes, when I ordered them I didn't specify; however, I'm more than pleased with what was served.  I've never had sweet potato home fries, but with these I can find no fault.  While I haven't quite figured out the recipe, from what I can taste they kept it simple with the tiniest bit of onion and sea salt.  Either way they were pure magic, fit for a king.  

If the sweet potatoes alone weren't reason for me to return, my attention is sparked by a few other menu offerings, including Shrimp and Grits, Pork Neck Rigatoni, and Smoked Briskett (complete with sweet potato latkes!).  I'd also be up for trying their take on Southern staples, corn bread and collards.

And of course my favorite companion {dining and otherwise}.

One last thing about this restaurant.  You can't get lost, because the address is in the name.  Check out more about Rex 1516 and their menus here

What's your favorite spot for brunch or comfort food?  I'd love to hear about your experience if you've tried this or any of my other city love restaurants!  


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