Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taco Tip

a quick tip for bulking up your taco meat (or meat sauce).  I literally
threw this together last night when I decided to save a portion of the ground
turkey I had for another recipe.  I didn't quite have enough meat to make
as much taco filling as I wanted, so I chopped up the last of my onion and
threw in a can of kidney beans.  Followed by a packet of low sodium taco
seasoning (one of these days I'll make up a stock jar of my own), water, a little
extra seasoning, and that's it.  A few tortillas, shredded cheddar,
leftover salad mix, and it's done! 

I know, taco meat isn't the most aesthetically pleasing of things to look at; however, I wanted to share this great way to lighten up a meal and get some extra good stuff in it.  Much like frozen veggies, onions and beans are a few things I always keep on hand when I need to thicken or flavor up a meal on the spot.  I was also in much need of stress relief, so I gave myself the tinniest break to whip this up!

What are some of your favorite kitchen tips for stretching a meal?



  1. Great tip. I always add black beans, corn, and enriched brown rice to mine. The black beans add extra protein to where the amount of meat used can be halved, but there is still enough protein from the meal.

    1. Thanks! I'll have to try that as well next time. I actually had some frozen corn, but didn't think of using that.

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