Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where The Wild Things Are

Finishing up my first year of med school in a few short weeks, I won't be taking any more weekends off.  Luckily, I was able to enjoy a little weekend getaway with J a few weeks ago.  I know I didn't share before, but I finally got around to really looking at the pics.  I must say the whole trip was even more gorgeous than I remembered. 

So, where did we go?  No place other than the Bronx Zoo!  Yes, don't let J's gorgeous nature photography fool you, there's no getaways just yet.  We just took a day trip to one of the city's five zoos.   

I spared you all the pic of the orange langur, the above monkey species, with the missing eye.  That's something I certainly wouldn't have ever noticed if not for the amazing zoom on J's camera.

After checking out the Butterfly Garden, J really got some great shots as we rode the Wild Asia Monorail, a great way to see many different animals and parts of the zoo from a different perspective.  It's also a great way to rest your feet!

Although we were there for a few hours, there's still so much we didn't see.  We started off with a lot of energy, but by the end of our trip we were exhausted.

...the end.

Check out more information on the Bronx Zoo and the other parks under the Wildlife Conservation Society here.  



  1. Sometimes the best kind of getaways are day trips! And I adored the pics of the hiding peacock. These pictures are amazing


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