Friday, June 19, 2015

Decor: Updates and Inspiration

some Goodwill gems
I remember the excitement of moving into a new place like it was yesterday.  As much as I was excited to start medical school, I was also looking forward to decorating a place of my own.  I had big ideas, but reality, space and budget quickly set in.  I found that I didn't leave myself much time for any of the projects I had hoped to complete by working right up until orientation.  With a couple of months off right now, I'll be sprucing the place up with some art, new plants, and DIYs.  I have so many passions and interests, but one of them is definitely decorating.

In addition to finding a way to incorporate some bright colors and patterns into an otherwise neutral space, I'm also looking at reorganizing my space to improve functionality and visual appeal.  I think these agate bookends would be a great way to hold up the growing book collection on my mantle.  While I may end up buying a few new items, I'll definitely be looking forward to ways to organize and update for less or even free by reusing and recycling.  A little sprucing up of my outdoor space with a little color may even include a DIY version of this nautical garland.

Check out more of my decor and organizing inspiration here.  And be sure to leave a link to your decor posts and Pinterest boards below! I'd love to see your ideas! 


  1. I'm with you! So excited to be moving soon (2 weeks!), but my budget is killing me! I have become obsessed with decorating lately - I definitely agree on the neutral spaces with pops of color/pattern. This also makes a great blank space for holiday decorating :) I hope to see some more posts on this from you!

    1. I'm so late lol, you're probably already settled! Lol! I can't wait to see all your updates and how everything comes together! Xx

  2. Those are some beautiful patterns on the blankets!


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