Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's in My Bag? Second Year of Medical School

While most people consider Labor Day to be the end of summer, my summer ended weeks ago with the start of my second year of medical school.  To kick off what is considered the official back to school season for some, I'm sharing some everyday favorites, a few of the things I usually carry in my bag.  

In terms of the actual bag I carry, on light days I can be found with this nylon carry-all tote.  After nearly four years of use, it's still going strong.  It's water resistant, lightweight, and folds up into a neat little rectangle, perfect for travel.   Here's a slightly more budget friendly option; however, when I consider how much I carry it (nearly daily), if you can splurge it's worth every penny.  You really do get what you pay for.  When I'm carrying my heavy laptop or binder full of notes for a long day, my go to is this.  It's not the prettiest backpack, but the quality is great and it has lots of pouches, so I'm sure I'll be carrying this for years, through rotations and beyond.

Being that my regular bag has no internal organization, pouches like these are essential.  One often serves as a pencil case, while I use another for personal items.  A multi-section zip wallet with plenty of room for coupons in a bright color makes it easy to find.  Bobby pins, hair elastics, tissues, lip balm, lip tint, travel lotion and hand sanitizer are just a few essentials.  I'm always sure to include tea bags (the markup is crazy, so I only ask for hot water!) and a few snacks to get me through morning classes as well.

As for the "doctor stuff," I only bring my stethoscope and gadget kit for the occasional patient exam, but come next year I'll be using them much more often!  

Here are some adorable pouches to add a little organization to your bag:
What are some of your everyday bag essentials?

P.S. I'll be doing a separate post on this, but it's so helpful I can't help but share now.  Other than my phone and wallet, the most important thing in my bag is this.



  1. I include some of the same things that you incorporate. I just recently found a cute little betsey johnson bag that I've added to my purse to keep things organized. I carry around the Anne Klein Mix it Up Satchel purse for now and I try to pack light because of it's construction.

    1. Yes! Little bags are definitely the best way to keep a bag organized ;-) I typically try not to push the limits on my bags too in terms of weight, so on long days I end up carrying two bags. I prefer totes myself but sometimes a backpack is essential.

  2. I bought Extra Small scrubs and it fits pretty well, except the shirt is too small and the pants are perfect. I would suggest buying small surgical scrubs if you are near my physique.


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