Sunday, October 18, 2015

Things to Do: October 2015

Moccasins (here), Blanket Scarf (almost identical), my favorite Jeans (under $10!)

Inspired by this post a few days ago from a new favorite, here's my list of things to do before the month is over

Apple Cider Donuts.  This is an absolute must for me every year.  I eat at least half a dozen by myself in about two days.  I always buy them from here, but if you're feeling particularly ambitious you can always make your own with this recipe.

Decorate.  Pumpkins, plaid, leaves, fall colors.   There are so many ways to do this.  Drape a throw blanket across your bed or couch.  You can even hit up the dollar store like I did for these floral-pumpkin arrangements.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  I've seen pumpkins of various sizes for under $5 at my local market.  Incorporate some DIYs as well like this wreath.  Add some branches to a vase or make a fall flower arrangement.  Adding a few little touches early in the season will have you all set for Thanksgiving as well.

Pumpkin.  Not only are they great for decor, but this is also the perfect time to try out fall recipes.  Whether you buy a few cans of pureef or harvest your own from fresh pumpkins I recommend doing it now.  I'm still not sure how true this is, but I’ve heard there may be a pumpkin shortage; I wouldn't want anyone to miss out.  Once November gets here, it will really be in demand for Thanksgiving.  And if eating pumpkin is not your thing, you can still bring a bit of pumpkin into the kitchen with this adorable pie dish.  I ordered it as a gift, and I wish I had more use for it now because I would have ordered one for myself as well.  This pumpkin cocotte would be perfect for baking sweet potatoes, with these mini-cocottes perfect for soups or desserts.

Shop.  One of my favorite things about fall is the color palette.  Navy, browns, burgundy, camels, and olive.  Gotta love how all these colors magically go together in any combination.  For that reason I'm looking forward to wearing these multi-colored heels from Clarks, a company known for comfort.  "Sold" is when I find something that can be used or worn many different ways, and these comfortable heels are definitely that.  I know they'll go with pretty much everything in my closet. On the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, this is also the perfect time to buy your bean boots.  Depending on what size you wear and when you order, you're lucky if you get them by the end of the year.  Seriously.  But it's worth it for the classic weather boot.  They're practical and definitely the kind of shoe you can keep for years.  And if you're still not convinced, Sperry has some pretty cute alternatives too.

What's on your fall bucket list?


  1. I love love love your budget friendly ideas for decorating. I've been wanting to decorate for Fall but didn't know what to do because Realistically I haven't wanted to spend $ on decorations. I'm excited to implement some of your ideas now

    1. Thanks! I'm glad they were helpful. Dollar stores are gold mines if you have any near you. You're quite creative yourself, so I can't wait to see what you come up with ;-)


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