Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tips: What to Do With Old Bananas

I don't know about you, but it seems like I can never finish a bunch of bananas before they turn brown.  By then they're way too sweet to be palatable for me, but over the past year I've found a little trick for using them.  I always make sure to keep a box of banana bread mix on hand for these situations.  Even though the recipe on the box doesn't call for it, I've been known to mash one or two of them up and drop it right in the batter.  Not only does it add to the flavor, but I find that it adds a little extra moistness to the muffins as well.  I've also added them to blueberry muffin mix.  Especially if you have a busy schedule, these are easy to whip on at the start of the week, making for a nice snack or quick breakfast during the week.

How do you salvage old fruit?  Share your recipes and kitchen tips below!


  1. I hate that I've discovered this post a few days after I've just gotten rid of some bananas. LOL!! I usually use them for smoothies but I haven't had much time to make a smoothie. I've heard about freezing them. Is that what you do before you decide to use them?

    1. Uh oh! lol. I've done the same in the past. And yes, I usually break them in half and freeze them in plastic wrap for smoothies. I just left my last bunch in my mom's car, and I didn't meet up with her to get them until a week later so they were pretty brown. But yes, ideally they would have been frozen.

  2. Yammy! It should be really tasty. I love bananas so much that I never have brown bananas in my fridge) However I am sure that this banana bread is worth buying a few more bananas. Thanks a lot!


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