Saturday, February 20, 2016

ootd: Layered Look

Statement Necklace (J.Crew) Sweater (Zara) Flannel (Old Navy) Utility Jacket (Old Navy)

I'm not particularly proud of my morning routine as of late, so I've been working on reestablishing some old habits, one of which is outfit planning.  Since I've been known to hit snooze multiple times, up to the point where I'm making it to class just in time, I've been going back to putting together multiple outfits for the week.  The above look wasn't one of them.  While in worked in theory, I just didn't feel comfortable in what I originally picked out for the day.  Does anyone else's style change depending on your mood?  I don't know what my mood was this day, but after what I originally planned just didn't work, I literally pulled together a bunch of things in a similar color palette, and voila!  I had a new combination with some old pieces that just somehow worked.  Bottom line: be flexible.  Most of us have plenty to wear, it just's a matter of going with the flow and not overthinking it.  If you can shop for staple pieces that you can mix and match, but at the end of the day just "work with what you got."

Here's a few of my fall staples:
Utility Jacket
Skinny Jeans
Blanket Scarf


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