Saturday, December 3, 2016

Decor: Pine Cones

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by my local craft store to pick up some blank note cards.  While I've accumulated more Target "Dollar Spot" printed thank you cards than I'd like to admit, they felt inappropriate and too girly for my male preceptors on Internal Medicine.  To make a long story short, a trip for plain thank you cards turned into leaving with two bags of scented pine cones, and I'm convinced that other than a Christmas tree, they're the only other holiday decor you need.  I picked up two bags for a total of $5 (they were 50% off) and immediately dumped them into a basket I already had from Ikea.  When I wake and come home, my place is filled with the best smelling, seasonal aroma.  It's been almost three weeks now, and the scent is still going strong, better than any spray or candle I've ever smelled.  If you're not big on decorating or are working with a limited budget, pine cones are an inexpensive seasonal accent that is also multipurpose.  You can simply drop them in a basket like I did.  Closer to Christmas or New Years dinner, you can transition them to your table settings or center piece.  They're also neutral, so they go with everything.  Depending on how much time and energy you have, there are many other uses for them.  With all the "newness," sparkle and shine of the holiday season, it's nice to bring in some natural elements, sweet reminders of the beauty in the old, change, growth, and new seasons.

What are some of your favorite holiday decor tips and accents?

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