Thursday, March 9, 2017

Glossier: First Impressions

Growing up, I never really got into wearing makeup.  Even now in my late 20's my beauty routine is close to nonexistent.  So when I heard about a brand that focuses on things like "your best skin" and "makeup that's there but not there," my interest was caught.  I love the idea of products that are simple and the look of natural skin that glows.  After hearing so many great reviews from blogger crush and training dermatologist Elyse, I decided to try some Glossier products out for myself.

Since I still have facewash and moisturizer from some other brands, I decided to try the perfecting skin tint, mega greens galaxy pack, and boy brow grooming pomade first.  One big goal for me this year is to be more thoughtful with my purchases and not buy things I already have or that won't add much value.  Keeping this in mind, I'm trying the skin tint in deep for minimal coverage and to polish my work look, the face mask for some weekly maintenance, and the "all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper" to add a bit of definition to my brows without all the fuss that can come with using other tools and products. 

I'm looking forward to branching out, adding a bit of glow and polish, and just taking better care of my skin in general.  At the same time, with many busy days ahead of me I want to keep my routine simple and low maintenance in the process.  I also love a good review, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on these products (and more) in more posts to come.

First Impression: what's not to love about simple, reusable packaging + stickers (appealing to the kid in all of us) + free samples!  Glossier, already off to a great start. 

Spoiler alert: I've already worn the face mask twice, and I love it!  More to come!

What are some of your favorite beauty and skincare products?  Try any other Glossier products out?  Tell me about it below!


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