Sunday, March 19, 2017

Morning Routine: Easy Breakfast

One of the reasons we don't achieve our goals is because we try to do it all at one time.  For years I've wanted to be one of those people who just had it all together in the morning with the ultimate routine, but I'm just not there yet. 

To quote myself, I haven't been the best at scheduling and planning lately.  Not to make excuses, but one of the difficult things about third year is adjusting to a constantly changing schedule.  Every rotation has had a different start and end time that also depends on the physicians you're working with as well as varying travel times per location.  It also takes some time to unload from the day, and then the rest of the night is spent studying, with a test at the end of almost every month.  By the time you get into a groove you're on to the next rotation.  

Instead of setting the unreasonable goal of crafting the ultimate morning routine all at one time, I've decided to break my goal of a "master morning" into smaller parts.  After fighting the desire to perfect this all at one time, just to return to my own dissapointment when I don't make it past a couple of days, I'm giving myself the freedom, the flexibility to "get my act together" a little bit at a time.  It's okay if everyday is a little different.  Somedays you'll hit all your marks and other days you might be less productive or have a later start.  It is my hope that in conquering these little moments, I'll conquer my mornings as a whole and transform them from hitting snooze a dozen times and rushing out the door, to creating a peaceful and productive start that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

That being said the most practical place for me to start was with breakfast.  A couple of hypoglycemic episodes during my surgery rotation quickly taught me that breakfast isn't an area to skimp on.  As much as I enjoy cooking, I'm not interested in spending time on this in the mornings during the work week.  Enter: Greek yogurt.  

Growing up I've never liked the taste of yogurt; I've always found it to be "tangy" in an unappetizing sort of way.  However, desiring a quick and easy way to get a load of protein in the morning caused me to branch out again.  I've experimented with several popular brands but never really enjoyed any of them until I stumbled upon the Trader Joe's nonfat Greek yogurt.  I top it off with about half a cup of the TJ brand granola (maple pecan or vanilla almond), and I'm good for hours.  They're a great source of protein, calcium, and most importantly zero preparation.  I alternate between the black raspberry, mango, and blueberry flavors, and I buy it by the dozen.  

So, if you're struggling to get going in the mornings, struggling to make your morning really count, start with breakfast.  Develop a breakfast routine you look forward to, something that gets you going.  And keep it simple!  Save the full courses for the weekend, and instead come up with one or two combinations you can count on to get your day off to a great start.

What's your "go-to" breakfast?  How do you get your morning off to a great start?

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