Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life Lately: 4/26/17

Things change, and people change with them. 

life // This past year has been full of so much change and growth, and I can't help but to reflect on it all.  After a very challenging first year of medical school, a much better second year, overcoming fears and failure throughout my third year, it's difficult to put into words how it feels to realize that my fourth and final year is almost here.  Lately, I've also pulled back pretty significantly from social media.  I'm not leaving it completely as it can be a great creative outlet, way to connect, gather and share ideas.  At the same time, I've found it can be a barrier to both, leaving me both uninspired and disconnected.  Considering all I have going on in my life and want to do in the future, I need to keep myself as free as possible for inspiration, the opportunity to live and create guided by the Holy Spirit of God.  I'm also focusing on true, lasting connection, and growth as opposed to meaningless follows, likes, and temporary perks.  What I want to do, share, and become is much more important and long lasting. 

medicine // Monday marked the first week of my last clinical clerkship of third year: psychiatry.  I was assigned to complete part of this rotation at a substance abuse treatment center; sitting in on interviews for patient assessments, intake appointments, counseling and small group sessions has been a really great experience.  I even attended a detox yoga session which was both physically and mentally challenging but amazing.  I'm sure I will continue to learn much more over the next few weeks, but for now what sticks out most is that no matter how different our experiences and choices may be, we all want the same things: love and purpose.  Regardless of what we choose to fill the voids, they will never truly be filled until we look above and within.

love // In the midst of preparing for the second step of my clinical boards and residency application, my fiance and I are also planning our wedding.  While there will be lots of little things to work on throughout the rest of the year, some of the biggest things are checked off the list like the dress and venue!  It will be fun to document this process to look back on for myself as well as share the tips I find for keeping things as stress-free as possible.  I'll be sharing a little bit in a wedding series as I go along and maybe a little more about relationships in general, especially long distance for others who can relate and find this little corner of the world.  With my fiance back in town, I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of premarital counseling, registries, and catching up with family and friends.

What do you need to walk towards or away from?


  1. I completely understand your reasoning for pulling back from social media and I've done the same for myself. I've found that now when I post, its mostly for me. Sure I love getting comments but its really about me documenting how i'm feeling or what i'm doing.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I can't imagine being in med school and planning a wedding!

    1. Thanks Shenine! I absolutely agree, it's important to remember why we got started in the first place :-)


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