Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life Lately: All the Emotions of Fourth Year

Happy.  Tired.  Thankful.  That pretty much sums up my experience as a fourth-year medical student so far.  It's one step closer to the beginning of my formal medical training, and despite the responsibility that lies ahead I'm happy to know my time in school is finally coming to an end.  Without class or the chase of an exam every month, it's been great to re-embrace old hobbies and spend more time with family and friends.   

I've also been a little tired lately.  I'm sure a large part of this is from the stress of the residency application process.  At this point everything is ready, and all I can do is wait.  Between taking my second board exam during my emergency medicine rotation and varying elective schedules, I've also yet to settle into a new personal schedule.  I've said this before about the third year, but as a fourth year, I find myself in the same position constantly adjusting to a new system and work day every few weeks.  However, I also know that I'll have a bit more energy once I get myself back into a routine that includes regular physical activity and self-care balanced with the things I want to learn and review.  It's important to rest, but it's also important to use this time wisely to develop good habits, read and study topics in depth while I can before I have an intern schedule.  At times I feel like I have a lot more time on my hands, but the reality is I don't.  I'm still very much a student, and there is still plenty for me to review on a daily basis.

While there is much work ahead of me as I apply for a position as a training physician, it's also amazing to think of how far I've come.  When I consider my journey and the past three years and the years leading up to them, I can't help but keep it all in perspective.  I can't help but be grateful for making it this far along and think of the blessing of where I am.     

I started this blog years ago when I worked in research as an outlet for some of the things I enjoy: writing, photography, crafting, style, and decor; over the years I've shared tiny bits of my life, my med student journey, and things I've tried, visited and learned along the way.  As I continue to define what this space is and where my voice is best used, my hope is always that there is something here that can help someone else whether it be one or thousands.  For those who have been reading for some time and for more recent visitors, what kinds of things are you interested in reading about?  Is there anything you'd like to know from a non-traditional medical student in her last year?  How to dig yourself out of struggle and overcome challenges?  Balancing school and relationships, especially long distance?  Practical living, creating, and defining personal style in a very consumer driven world?  Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think via email at or comment below!           



  1. Impressed that you're balancing so much right now, and I'd love to see a bit of everything

    1. Don't be too impressed most days are far from ideal. And I love to get everything done for a given task but so many of the things I have to do is a process so my satisfaction is delayed. They just kind of linger until they resolve themselves. Now that my app is in that took away a lot of the stress. And glad I'll be back home for the rest of my rotations and commuting. That will help with planning and working out 😜


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