Thursday, August 31, 2017


I've tried a little bit of everything when it comes to ways of getting rid of gently worn and used clothing.  Whether you go with consignment, EBay, Poshmark, or thrift store donation, there are advantages and disadvantages of each.  While Poshmark has become my favorite method so far (allowing me to flip some major thrift finds into a wedding band for my fiance), it takes a little more time than I have right now.  For greatest ease and in the interest of reclaiming my time I've decided to try out ThredUP.

What could be better than a massive prepaid bag to fill up with things that could use a new home and make me a little cash?  You can read more about the details of how ThredUP works here, but so far I'm sold.  At this point I care less about the money and more about reclaiming the space in my home; I'm happy to see things go.  Maybe I'll share another post once I learn the fate of my items (consigned for cash, store credit VS donated and recycled), but so far I'm pleased with how quickly the bag was delivered as well as the size.  For now, I give the service two thumbs up; I'm reclaiming my floors and closets one bag at a time. 

What's your favorite way to clear your closet of unused and unneeded items?  Have you tried ThredUP?  If so, what was your experience like?  If this sounds like something you're interested in, use this link for a $10 credit for us both when you try it out.

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